Welcome to NBA2kMyPlayer.com 3.0!

I originally built this site because I wanted help with building the best player to fit my play style. I had no idea there were thousands of you out there with the same issues. I want to extend a very large “THANK YOU” to everyone who supports the site. Your support pushes me to make the site better and more useful. I’m not just some web designer who made a site. I am 100% a NBA2K addict. I have spent hours and hours running with randoms on the Park and in ProAM. I have played in Leagues and on top 100 teams. Point is I am one of you.

Create your profile today and lets build this community together.

I have added some new features. Please test them out and if you have any issue, recommendation, or even if you make a video of the site, please let me know.

Whats New?

Free Agency Groups

You can now join a group chat depending on your video game system and activity look for Free Agents. Just join the group and make a post. Example: 95 LLD 6’9 SF  looking to run ProAM. Then if someone is interested they can click on your profile name and send you a private message if they want.


I am sure by know everyone knows what a Forum is but if not let me explain. It is a great please to go to discuss just about anything. You can create a new topic or just comment on others. It is a great way to share Best Builds, dribbling videos, or even do some 2k trolling. Whatever.