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Hall of Fame Badges:

Hall of Fame badges are only available for the 5 “Upgradeable” badges per your selected archetype. You will must first get the badge as a bronze and manually upgrade it by spending the VC. Once the badge is gold you will then need to do the same badge requirements times 4.

Example: If I am a Playmaking PG and I wanted to get Dimer Hall of Fame. I will first need to get the 300 assists in a season to get bronze. Then upgrade the badge to gold. Once it is gold i will then need to go back into the career games and get 1200 assists.

Grand Badges:

There are 1 grand badge available for every archetype. Playmakers get a boost in handling, Slashers get a boost in finishing around the hoop, Shooters get a boost in shooting, etc…

To get the Grand Badges for you archetype you will first need to max out you archetypes max categories to 25. For example Sharpshooters will need to max both 3 point shooting and mid-range shooting to 25. Once they are both maxed to 25 you will then need to get at less 1 archetype badge. The archetype badge does not need to be upgraded or hall of fame. All you need to do is go into the career game and go the action that will activate the archetype badge. You will need to activate the badge 200 times.


Dimer – 300 Assists in Season
Flashy Passer – 50 Flashy Passes
Pick & Roll Maestro – Call for 150 Screens
Ankle Breaker – 200 Double Move Leading to Scores/Assists in a Season
Lob City Passer – 50 Alley-Oop Assists in a Season
Break Starter – After Defensive Rebound Perform 50 Outlet Passes


Defensive Stopper – 150 Shot Contests and 50 Good Fast Break Defense
Rim Protector – Perform 80 Blocks in a Season
Pick Pocket – Poke Ball From Another Player 50 Times
Chase Down Artist – Perform 25 Chase Down Blocks
Charge Card – Draw 7 Charges in a Season
Pick Dodger – Closely Go Over or Under Screens (No Confirmed Amount)


Hustle Rebounder – 600 Rebounds, 150/600 Must Be Offensive Rebounds

Inside Scoring:

Pick & Roller – Finish at the Rim After a Roll 100 Times
Posterizer – Attempt 15 Contact Dunks in a Season
Lob City Finisher – Complete 15 Alley-Oops in a Season
Tear Dropper – Perform 50 Tear Drops or Floaters in a Season
Acrobat – Perform 15 Reverse Layups and 5 Change Shot Layups in a Season
Drop Stepper – Attempt 30 Drop Step Moves in a Season
Post Spin Technician – Perform 100 Post Spin or Drive Moves in a Season
Dream Like Up & Under – Attempt 50 Up and Under Shots Out of the Post in a Season

Outside Scoring:

Catch & Shoot – Attempt 100 Shots After Catching the Ball
Limitless Range – Make 50 3’s Behind the Line
Corner Specialist – Make 25 Corner 3’s
Deep Range Deadeye – Make 100 Contested Deep Range Jump Shots
Mid Range Deadeye – Make 200 Contested Mid Range Jump Shot
Pick & Popper – Make 200 Jump Shots After Screening
Tireless Scorer – Attempt 200 Shots With Drained Stamina
Difficult Shots – Make 150 Contested Hop Shots, Step Backs, Dribble Pull Ups, and Leaners Combined


Brick Wall – Set 100 Good Screens in a Season
Posterizer – Attempt 15 Contact Dunks in a Season
Lob City Finisher – Complete 15 Alley-Oops in a Season
Bruiser – Make Strong Contact With Opposing Players (No Confirmed Amount)
One Man Fast Break – Score on 75 Fast Breaks in a Season

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