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    Hello people of,

    In collaboration with the creator of this website, I’ve made a Google Survey, allowing the 2k Community to finally figure out which archetypes are most commonly used, with data including height, weight, and wingspan. Please note that the weight and height aren’t exact numbers. Seeing most people build with max or minimal stats, but there are options for “in between”.

    Hopefully this could help others with new archetype builds, in addition to helping progress the E-sports side of 2k. That and hopes of clarifying the “I need help with starting a new archetype” question.

    Enjoy. And thank you for your participation.

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    7’3, More Weight, Max Wing, Glass Cleaner boiiii

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    I play with 3 different builds evenly… (1) Center <Post Scorer> – 7’0″ 275lbs. Max Wingspan(7’9″), Shoulders
    (2) Shooting Guard <Playmanker> – 6’8″ 230lbs. Max wingspan, Shoulders
    (3) Point Guard <Slasher> – 6’6″ 205lbs., Max Wingspan, Shoulders

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    I use my 6’10” point forward he 200 pounds max wingspan and shoulders

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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