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    I have a 6’4 pg shot creator. He’s a 91 with maxed shooting off the dribble, speed, handles. I have to be real tho, I suck with him. I just don’t understand this off the dribble shooting. I’m my mind any time I’m dribbling should be “off the dribble”. Clearly I am wrong. Even when I come off a screen and pull up on the elbow, it just doesn’t seem like a off the dribble shot because I’m not leaning. Help!?!

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    I think it is for like step back shots

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    Shot Creator is the dead Archetype this year. Playmaker, Point Foward, LDD, SS, Slasher are all better. Hopefully next year will be better

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    Shot creators cane be just fine, in spite of what was stated above. That is my main player, and I do damn well at the Park. I have a 95, Shot Creator PG. 6’5 220. Not even maxed on shot off the dribble and hit those shots consistently. I maxed my threes, mid range, agility, playmaking. Put enough points into Rebounding and Post Scoring to make those skills viable when needed. Defense, Shot Off Dribble, and Layups/Dunks need 3, 5, and 2 skills respectively to be maxed. I think the badges are key. I have all 5 main badges, with Tireless and Difficult Shots at HoF, and the other 3 are Gold. In addition, I have Microwave as a personality badge that I think is key, and Game point, 7ohs, and Iron Man as Park badges. You can also get Acrobat, Defensive Stopper, Rim Protector, One Man, Dimer, P $ R Maestro, break starter, lob city passer and finisher, pick pocket, pick dodger, catch and shoot, corner specialist, deep range deadeye, pick and popper, brick wall, bruiser, and putback king. May seem like a lot, but that combo has been money for me. I also use Jordan as my shot, plus Elite 15 dribble pull up, which I think both are key to success.

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    Your main jumpshot affects your pull ups off the dribble too you need to find a good mix, use the R stick instead of square(OrX) to shoot

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