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    So lately I’ve been thinking about what the most dominant builds would be in MyPark. I did a little research and here is the conclusion I came to.

    I feel like centers are dying out on the park now. Why would you make a big, slow center when you can make a 6’10 SF Point Forward. If you’re going to be a point forward I really don’t think that any other build will even TOUCH this one. I think this build is a very dominant build, looking at some of the stats, it might not look like an overpowered build. But that doesn’t really take into consideration the speed for this player at that height! 6’10 is a massive player, and being able to dribble, shoot, drive all decently well is super tough to guard. This build is a very similar playstyle to someone like Kevin Durant or Giannis Antentekoumpo(Yes, I spelled that wrong :/) but I honestly think this is one of the more dominant archetypes.

    Now, slashers. Slashers could arguably be one of the most fun archetypes to play. Who wouldn’t love dunking all over people and finishing contested layups? Personally, I love using a slasher and use it to this day. There are many different slashers builds, as it can be used on a Point Guard, Shooting Guard, and Small Forward. I eliminated Shooting Guard right away as these builds are for the park, and it just doesn’t make sense. It could be useful in Pro-Am, but that’s for another day. I think after looking at stats and gameplay, that either a 6’5 Point Guard or a Small Forward at 6’6 or 6’7 is the way to go. For the park, there really isn’t that much difference between the two. The main one is the badges. A Point Guard will be able to upgrade Acrobat whereas the Small Foward has the upgradeable badge Lob City Finisher. I figured that Acrobat would be needed more than Lob City Finisher so I chose Point Guard. This build can wreck HAVOC at the park! Dunking all over people, snagging boards and doing everything.

    From day one the Playmaker was a strong choice. Right when the game dropped, there were YouTubers saying how dominant it was going to be. A lot of people made a mistake with their Playmakers. LISTEN HERE. In my opinion, there is only one way to go. 6’7 Playmaking Point Guard. At 6’7 you can still speed boost and you will almost always have 3-5 inches over your man if you’re covering another Point Guard. This makes it much easier to finish at the rim and get by your defender. With this height advantage, you can grab boards and get another possession! With the 6’7 Playmaker over let’s say a 6’3 which is a very common build, there is really not that big of a negative difference. You’re bigger, stronger, and much better all around. If you’re looking to take salty kids ankles and catching bodies, this is your build!

    These are the three builds I feel are very dominant! I’m having a very tough time choosing between the 6’10 Point Forward and the 6’5 Slasher. I’ve already made a Playmaker and it’s worked very well. Let me know some of your dominant builds and suggestions!

    Thanks for reading this far!


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    Shooting Playmaker- 6’5 Playmaker low wingspan | 6’6 Point Forward low wingspan
    Get boards, shoots 3’s kinda good, locks down- 6’10 SF Lockdown | 7’3 Paint Protector Giannis- 6’10 Point Forward
    All-Around- 6’7 Point Forward | 6’8 Point Forward

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    I like 6’8″ SG, Playmaker

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    I’m looking for the best all-around player. That means shooting, driving, playmaking, and defense. I made a 6’7″ point foward with a maxed wingspan and lowest weight, but I think I should have made a SF shot creator. Anybody have a good small foward shot creator build?

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    You feel like centers are dying out? I would rather play with a Glass Cleaner on my team than with a 6’10” Point Forward. 7’3″ Glass Cleaners can set great HOF brick wall screens, grab hella boards, dunk and shoot both 2s and 3s consistently.

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    Everyone sleeping on the 6’3″ glass smh

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