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    Due to the last squad I was on going inactive, another gamer and I have created a new squad.

    Our goal is to stay active and hopefully join a league/tournament to keep competing on. 2k17 and to prepare and build chemistry for 2k18!

    -We are looking for players that are 21 and up, and in the USA. (so our timezones are somewhat close)
    – must have a mic/headset (you don’t have to want/carry-on conversations, but need to be able to communicate during games and practice)
    – need to have a high basketball IQ (some real life team experience preferred)
    – your main objective/goal must be the same as the squads!( winning the game is more important than individual stats!)

    – must have the Playstation app (so we can coordinate practice and games)

    Well understand that we all have lives outside of nba2k, if you can’t make it to a game or practice just let us know…and don’t flake on us!

    The squad is #2kMOB we are on Ps4, and the record is 0-0 (so you won’t jump onto a team with a bad record!)
    We don’t plan to run a pro-am game (besides walk-on) untill we have atleast 5 members (we PLAN to have 10 members) and the chemistry is there! (Last squad would sometimes run with 3 members and hurt our records, which isn’t fair to the others)

    The other member and I have been on a squad together since 2k15 (we have pretty good chemistry)

    Playmaker PG (his primary build)
    Athletic finisher PF

    My builds;
    – 7’3 Glass cleaner (C)
    -7’1 Paint protector (C)
    (Those are my main builds)
    I also have
    -6’11 stretch Big (PF)
    -6’8 point forward (SF)

    Neither of us mind playing other positions (we will always try to run the best possible lineup that helps us win!)
    There has been times I’ve benched myself because we had a better player at my position….we are looking for people with that approach also.

    We will consider/tryout every position and archtype (until further notice) until spots start to fill up, and then we will scout for specific needs.
    We need scorers as well, but defensive juggernauts are definitely encouraged to try out!
    (Tryouts will be done in pro-am walkon…we will run games…if the chemistry is there, along with skill and or potential, we will offer you a spot!)

    For offense will design/run plays (once we have a squad we will create plays to play to our strengths)

    On defense we will use man, zone and other schemes.

    If your interested in a tryout or have any questions just let me know!